A Short Guide to Buying Wine

A Short Guide to Buying Wine

Wine preferences are as unique as we are (d’aww.) They can also be incredibly personal and counter intuitive, which can make buying wine as a present a delicious and virtual minefield!

But fear not, as we continue twitter on about, we try our hardest to take the stress out of buying wine for yourself and others!

Try this handy guide to buying wine as presents (or if you think you know a little bit take the quiz on the front page!)

Problem Number 1 – They’ve got everything!!

Well lucky them! As far as we’re concerned you can never have too much wine, so you’re probably in the right place. Why not get them one of our mixed cases to cover all bases (ooo rhyming!) or a gift card so that they can treat themselves? This is us putting our foot down to end the stigma that gift cards are “lazy” presents. Give us vouchers – we love ‘em!

Problem Number 2 – I don’t know what they like!!

In this instance our advice would be to go for “middle-of-the-road” wines. Nothing too outlandish or boring, just solid wines at a decent value. Now, we’ll admit, we’re sick to death of recommending Marlborough Sauvs and Argentinian Malbecs to people who aren’t sure what their pals are drinking this week… so we won’t recommend them (though we could…) So why not try something “similar but different” like a zippy Vinho Verde, or a plummy Garnacha. These are just a little off the beaten track, and can come in at a variety of price points.

NB if you really aren’t sure what they like a bottle of fizz fills a lot of space in a present.

Problem Number 3 – They like everything!!

Prove it! No, really! Get them something weird and wonderful that they wouldn’t get for themselves. An orange wine? Sparkling red? A funky twist on a classic? They’re all worth a punt for your adventurous loved one. Just make sure you try and get a wee sample too!

Problem Number 4 – They hate everything!!

Don’t be silly – we’re strong believers that there is a wine for everyone, perhaps they just haven’t found theirs yet! Why don’t you try a well made classic they can enjoy with someone they do love – you!

And always remember (VERY IMPORTANT INFO AHEAD)

When giving wine the etiquette is that you, the generous wine giver, is the one who decides when it is opened. If you arrive at a party and everyone is already half cut and you know that you have a very special BLUDGE bottle in your hands you are within your right to suggest to the host that you can share it together at a later date. Or, just as importantly, if you’re at a party with loadsa’ cheap plonk don’t feel like a snob for suggesting that the host open your bottle! Sharing’s caring.

Most of all, enjoy good wine with good people this festive season! Drink lots of water and don’t drink and drive.

Stay safe everyone!!

Lots of love


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