Ponte de Lima Vinho Verde - June is for Indies 2023

Ponte de Lima Vinho Verde - June is for Indies 2023
Adega Ponte de Lima Vinho Verde - Minho, Portugal
It's been a while since we've done a deep dive - but what better way to get to know our #juneisforindies Wines of Portugal contenders. Let's kick off with the lightest of the bunch (though not by much!) Adega Ponte de Lima Vinho Verde.
Ponte de Lima is actually named after the town close to where the grapes are grown. It's actually the oldest vila in Portugal, which means it's the oldest chartered town or head of municipality in the country, established on March 4th 1125. It's a significant stop on the Camino de Santiago if you take the Central route. In the centre of a rich farming region, where the famous vinho verde is produced. the greatest number of manor houses and palaces are to be found, many of them offering accommodation to tourists under the system of Turismo de Habitação.
The terrain of the Lima wine region is quite diverse from the coastal area going up the Montaria. The soil in the region is very much similar to the Cavado region which is primarily granite soil with patches of schist. The summer is hot and dry while winter is cold and rainy. The area has a Mediterranean climate due to its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean to the west. The Limia river flows in the center of the region joining the coastal area. The topography is uneven, with various altitude variations from the shore to the interior mountainous hills. Most of the vineyards in the inner land focus on the red grape varietal whereas, in the coastal area, white grapes are favored.
This is a blend of three indigenous grapes which are commonly used in the making of Vinho Verde: Loureira (loo-RAY-ra), Treixadura (TRAY-sha-dura) and Arinto (Ah-REEN-toe, with a bit of a Scottish "Loch" sound on the R if you can manage that)

How it tastes:
This Portuguese Vinho Verde is pale straw yellow in colour with green hues and is light and zesty on the palate. An exceptional wine with persistent aromas of lime, hints of melon and a lively and refreshing finish.
What to pair it with:
This is a great wine to pair with seafood, especially grilled or lightly cooked fish and shellfish. The wine's acidity helps to cut through the fat in the seafood, while the fruitiness of the wine complements the flavors of the seafood. Some good choices for seafood pairings include gambas al pil pil, seared scallops, and scampi.
Vinho verde is also great wine to pair with salads, especially those that are made with citrus fruits, tomatoes, or herbs. The wine's acidity helps to balance the acidity in salad dressings, while the fruitiness of the wine complements the flavors of the salad ingredients. 
Due to it's slight "prickle" or "petillance" Vinho Verde is also a great wine for appetizers, finger foods, and snacks, due to the wine's light body and refreshing acidity. Some good choices for light fare pairings include cheese and crackers, charcuterie, and hummus and pita bread.
You have to try this with spicy food. The wine's acidity helps to cut through the heat in the food, while the fruitiness of the wine complements the flavors of the food. Some good choices for spicy food pairings include Indian food, Thai food, and Mexican food.
So give this versatile white wine a try this summer - we guarantee you'll love it on its own. with friends, and with food!
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