BLUDGE IT - How to use a Coravin

BLUDGE IT - How to use a Coravin

So I begrudgingly got a YouTube channel. Yes, it was a promise I made to a pal (hi John...) no, I'm not thrilled about it. But we have to give these things a go, don't we.

A few years ago I got myself a lovely Coravin model 2 for an astounding price. I discovered it the other day when I was rearranging the shelves and thought "When am I going to use this" but in a positive way, like a sort of how soon is now kind of way. So I shelved the idea until there came a late night at the unit that demanded a glass of wine, but only one glass. I present to you in a YouTube first - Kirsty uses a Coravin. Like and subscribe bla bla bla.


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