A small fish in a massive ocean (aka a wee update)

A small fish in a massive ocean (aka a wee update)

Hello my lovely wine-os!

Just jumping on the ol' vinous blog to give you all a wee update about what's been going on a Casa Bludge.

Much to my great delight, December was consistently busy. I think I'm my courier's new favourite customer (or I should be!) with parcels going out weekly all across the UK. I've had some lovely feedback about my set cases, and am thinking about making them a regular feature. I've also had some great reviews on some wines, I got so many messages on Christmas day from people enjoying my wines over delicious looking meals and in front of beautiful trees. It warmed my boozey little heart, so thank you for those!

January always brings it's trials and tribulations, but 2023 is set to be a doozy. This year indies like me will have to deal with Scotland's ever changing Deposit Return Scheme, and a potential alcohol advertising ban. I strongly encourage any reader to look them up and perhaps consider supporting any local producers, suppliers, and bars to help us out in these rocky times.

But it's not all doom and gloom. I took a small break (though there's never really a break when you run your own business as a side hustle) and managed to get together some wholesale business. I'm happy to be supplying a number of lovely little Leith bars, and I'm hoping to get more on board in the next few months. If you or someone you know has a bar that needs wine, hit me up!

In the meantime, let's drink to our health, our happiness, and those that get us through the day. Lang may yer lum reek in 2023!

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