Shop Announcement!!

Shop Announcement!!
The cat's out of the bag!
Things have been very busy here at Bludge HQ the past few weeks, but all for good reason. And that reason is...
I'm opening a brick-and-mortar shop!!
Many of you know that Bludge has been my "side hustle" for a couple of years now, working out of a tiny lock up on the outskirts of Leith, while I've worked a few different jobs here and there. The most recent "non-side hustle" is the sales and distribution manager for East Coast Cured, an award winning Scottish charcuterie company. They are completing the works on their new factory in Restalrig, and have very kindly offered me their shop space at 3 Restalrig Road, as both our businesses grow.
No set dates yet, as I await on the powers that be (i.e. The Edinburgh Licensing Board), but we're hoping to be up and running at the end of April.
Obviously, this is very exciting and a huge step for me and my little business, and so I want to take a sincere moment of thanks and appreciation for everyone who encouraged me to take this opportunity, who has bought from me, attended a tasting, or even shared my posts on social media. I know this won't be a cake-walk, but is anything worth having ever easy. So thank you!!
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