BLUDGE'S Spring Top 5 Must have Wines

BLUDGE'S Spring Top 5 Must have Wines

Easter has passed and we're fast approaching Spring here in Leith, so we wanted to take a wee moment to suggest our top 5 wines for Spring, and a short explanation of why!

Toca Cava Brut NV

I have full faith that this will be my favourite wine for the next 4 months.Toca, (meaning "touch" in Spanish) invites you in first of all with its tactile label of a fingerprint. It's crisp and fresh, but not too acidic. It also has a good bit of body, which I love, because it means that I'm not just mindlessly sipping it, there's a bit of substance here. Perfect for those of you who are so bored of Prosecco, but watching the wallet for Champagne. I just love this wine, it's a classic garden party drink, and if you're having it with food you want to be thinking about Spanish tapas style foods. It's actually a great one for the veggies among you - try it with sun dried tomatoes and mozzarella. 


Soleil Couchant, Saint-Amour Cru Beaujolais

The most romantic of the Beaujolais Crus, this wine is perfect for the transitional periods like the beginning and end of Summer. It's not quite a BBQ red, but it's certainly close. Delicious red cherry notes give way to anise and white pepper. There's just a lot going on in this wine, alright? It's got the bonny bottle to boot as well! If you are goign to pair it with food there are loads of options. You can slightly chill this wine down to pair it with things like roasted chicken and herby potatoes OR leave it as it is and get a load of soft cheeses and go to TOWN. Amazing.



Fish & Co. Albarino
The clue is in the name with this one really - it goes so well with almost every fishy/ocean dish you can think of! Rias Baixas actually has a very similar climate to Scotland (apart from slightly warmer summers) so a lot of their wines also go with classic Scottish food. So try this with black pudding and scallops, haggis, a chicken tikka curry, or some delicious seafood. It's fresh, zesty, delightfully easy drinking white wine for Spring. Groundbreaking!



Strange Kompanjie Cinsault

This is a bit more BBQ than the last red, but again, benefits a slight chilling. If you can imagine (and I'm sure most of you can) the first BBQ of the year and by about 7pm you're thinking "maybe we did this a bit too early on?" That's the time to crack out this wine. It keeps the party going and makes the food taste great too. It's a little bit lighter than the Beaujolais up above, but it doesn't scrimp on the flavours. Fresh wild strawberry notes, juicy cherry, and crunchy red tannins make this wine a must have for any drinks in the garden this year. 



False Bay Rose

It wouldn't be Spring without a little rose, and this is the perfect one for this time of year. It's light and fun and fresh, but it also has a little bit of welcome texture. It's not the sort of rose you can knock back like water, it demands a little bit of attention, and we're more than happy to give it some!! Classic strawberries and cream flavours, but it's got a little cheeky bit of spice. This is a wine for you spicy foods, gambas pil-pil or a spicy veggie burger. Just good wine at "not-an-earth-shattering" price. Very limited stock at the time of writing - so grab one while you can!



Hopefully you find your new favourite!! Remember, if you're local we have our new tasting page up and running to keep up to date with all our tastings!!

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