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Domaine des Tourelles "Skin" Orange Wine

Domaine des Tourelles "Skin" Orange Wine

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100% manually with intensive selection in 20kg boxes. Several rounds are needed to obtain perfect ripeness. Fermented with indigenous yeasts in 19th-century made Amphoras for 7 days on skin contact, then followed by malolactic fermentation

The palate opens up fresh and breezy, with the ripe apple and orange fruit coming through to fill up the mid-palate. While nothing like as grippy as some orange wine there's also a pleasing hit of tannins, helping give the wine real structure and definition.

Key Facts:
Grape - Merweh (If you like Skinsy Semillons this will be right up your alley!)
Dietary - Vegan, Vegetarian, Organic, Sustainable
Strength - 11%
Country - Lebanon
Region - Bekaa Valley
Body - Full Bodied 
Pair with - White meats and fish dishes.

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