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Fernando de Castilla Classic Cream NV

Fernando de Castilla Classic Cream NV

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The classic Cream is produced from an Oloroso that has been aged for 6 years, and prior to bottling 20% of young PX is blended into the wine.

A rich amber colour. Fascinatingly complex with a light Christmas pudding nose of dried fruits, nuts, and a well flambéed crust. The rich concentrated flavours and tangy acidity are softened by a sweetness on the palate which brings it all together in a wonderfully balanced way.

Key Info:
Grape - Palomino Fino, Pedro Ximenez
Dietary - Vegan, Sweet, Fortified
Strength - 17%
Country - Spain
Region - Jerez
Body - Full Bodied
Pair with - Perfect with Christmas cake or Christmas pudding style desserts.

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