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Krohn Ruby Port

Krohn Ruby Port

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Ruby Port gets it's name from it's bright red colour - which comes from it's minimal aging in stainless steel tanks (rather than wood - which allows oxygen to do it's thing)

Krohn's 'entry level' is in a different category to most Ruby Ports - mature and versatile with a deep red colour and a concentration of fresh, plummy fruit aromas plus hints of spice. The palate has plenty of lively cherry and curranty black fruit - rich and full with a soft finish.

Key Info:
Grape - Touriga Nacional, Touriga Francesa, Tinta Barroca
Dietary - None
Strength - 20%
Country - Portugal
Region - Douro
Body - Full Bodied
Pair with - Serve after a meal as a digestif with hard cheeses, chestnuts, cashews and hazelnuts. Works as a perfect accompaniment to berries, summer pudding and chocolate too!

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