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Old World Box (6btl)

Old World Box (6btl)

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We're keepin' it old skl with this mixed 6 😎

Old World wines aren't old news. Broadly speaking, the definitions of the Old World is any wine producing countries in Europe (and for the most part in a wine shop that would France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Germany - though of course we have a few other countries snuck in here and there) and the Middle East, where wine originated!

The producers we buy from are anything but stuffy auld wine makers. They are dynamic, forward thinking challenging, and not afraid of new growing techniques and styles. They do all this whilst maintaining the high standards we've come to expect from the Old World.

So why not give our old skl old world wine box a try - 6 wines that we think are still banging value, delivered straight to your door.
Try a one off, or on subscription!!


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